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Vibration Isolation Materials

FAB-EPM material is a polyurethane elastomer specifically designed to provide low frequency vibration isolation for foundation isolation applications.

FAB-EPM material is manufactured in a wide range of types, which allows for optimal loading to achieve increased isolator performance. The damping rate of the different material types is between 7% and 11 %. Additionally, with increased thickness, the
natural frequency is reduced, which also improves isolation. FAB-EPM is impervious to most chemicals, alkaline solutions and oil.

FAB-EPM material can be supplied and used in full sheet form, strips or even blocks. However, when used in full sheet form, the material becomes the base formwork for the concrete foundation. This advantage creates a simple construction method.

Vibration Isolation Material
Isolation Materials
Fabreeka® Infab TM vibration isolators are composed of a molded elastomer, which has been compounded and designed to offer low frequency isolation and high load capacity.

InfabTM isolation systems have natural frequencies as low as 6.0 Hz and can be designed to exhibit low or high internal damping. lnfab! solutions are used under large concrete foundations supporting heavy machinery, buildings, measuring machines, roller mills and similar equipment.

InfabTM isolators are available in two types to suit a wide range of design options when considering the formwork required to provide proper support during the foundation construction process. InfabTM isolators may be supplied as individual units (blocks) or
as isolation panels to facilitate ease of installation.
Isolation Material