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PAL- Type Pneumatic Isolators

PAL - type Pneumatic Isolators provide superior low frequency isolation for metrology instruments, electron microscope, MRI units, coordinate measuring machines and precision manufacturing machines.

PAL-type pneumatic isolators provide superior low frequency vibration isolation. These isolators are ideally suited for conditions where height control and low frequency vibration control must co-exist. Fabreeka PAL isolators meet the critical needs of metrology instruments, electron microscopes, inspection stations and precision manufacturing Equipment.

Key Features / Benefits :

• The standard Fabreeka PAL isolators have a natural frequency as low as 1.7 Hz, however, lower natural frequencies (0.5 Hz) can be obtained from custom designed isolators.
PAL- Type Pneumatic Isolators
• PAL isolators react quickly to changes in the supported load and to center of gravity shifts by automatically re-levellingto a preset position. Can support payloads from 100 to 120,000 lbs per isolator.
• Settling time is minimal with optimum damping and corresponding valve flow.