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Ace Miniature Shock Absorbers

Miniature shock absorbers from ACE are tried-and-tested quality products used in millions of industrial construction designs throughout the world. They optimise machines in an equally reliable and effective way by decelerating loads quickly and without recoil.

The compact, maintenance-free, hydraulic machine elements can be easily and quickly integrated in any construction design and certain models can be directly integrated in pneumatic cylinders. They reduce the load on handling devices, rotary and pivoting actuators, linear cylinders and many other industrial applica- tions and increase their effi ciency. Innovative ACE sealing techniques and shock absorber bodies and inner pressure chambers, fully machined from solid high tensile alloy, tube-shaped steel, ensure a long service life. High precision billet construction for enhanced material integrity and process reliability

Ace Miniature Shock Absorbers

Industrial Shock Absorbers

Absorbers to suit-for all loads ACE industrial shock absorbers work hard. Their application means moving loads are evenly decelerated over the full stroke. The result: the
lowest braking force and shortest braking time. The MAGNUM seriesfrom ACE is viewed as the reference standard for medium design sizes
in damping technology.

Innovations such as diaphragm accumulators, seals, tube-shaped inner pressure chambers and many more make a decisive contribution towards extension of the service life. This means that the effective load range can be extended considera-bly, which provides users with more scope with respect to the absorber size and utilisation of the machine's output. ACE offers a wide range of matching accesso-ries for this and all other absorber series. This eliminates internal production of assembly parts, which involves high costs and lots of time.

Ace Miniature Shock Absorbers

Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

Effective shock absorption for heavy loads

The heavy industrial shock absorbers from ACE round off the top of thecompany's offers in damping technology. Designers also have the choice between self-compensating and adjustable machine elements in thiscategory from ACE.

Whichever design is chosen, this type of shock absorber impresses with its robustness and operational readiness wherever heavy loads need reliably stopped on-the-spot at a precise point.


The CA4 models can absorb up to 126,500 Nm of energy. The series of heavy duty, self-compensating CA types are equally suitable for use as an emergency stop as the adjustable types with the designations A1 to A3. The range of effective loads covered is increased considerably for this purpose.

Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

Profile Dampers

The low cost alternative for continuous duty

The exceedingly successful TUBUS series from ACE is a perfect alternative, when masses don't need to be decelerated to an exact point. Available in more than 140 different versions, the profile dampers are used to slow down masses, particularly under extreme conditions.

They are also recommended for use if there is little installation space available. Manufactured in co-polyester elastomer, the highly resistant absorbers provide the best benefits in areas where other materials fail or where a similarly high service life of up to 1 million load changes cannot be achieved. They are affordable, compact and light and absorb the energy with different damping characteristics depending on the design.

Profile Dampers

Special Profile Dampers

Costs-effective tuning for your pressing tools

ACE provides TUBUS profile dampers in many variations. Special solutions for presses can now be cost-effectively achieved with down holder dampers, damping plugs, lift dampers and press dampers from ACE.

Miniature Shock Absorbers, Industrial Gas Springs, Vibration Control, Safety Shock Absorbers. They replace the PU-springs previously used in the automotive industry. It was no longer possible for them to fulfil the required tasks due to the higher return stroke speeds in modern pressing tools. Made of co-polyester elastomers, the TUBUS special takes care of the protection of mounting bolts and insert bolts much more reliably. On the one hand they protect a so-called down holder during the return stroke after the forming of sheet metal parts, and on the other they function as protection for hoisting lifters.

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Special Profile Dampers