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Grease Pumps

Description :

The POWERLUBE™ is a premium quality, reliable, 50:1 air-operated pneumatic greasing system that is excellent for high volume grease users that have many applications and require continuous high pressure greasing. This portable grease dispensing system is suitable for 20kg pails and is equipped with a low air consumption motor that doesn't need to be lubricated due to the use of modern polymer materials. Users will save on power and the oily mist and mess associated with air operated equipment is gone. Suitable for underground coal mine applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • P3001 (50:1) Air-operated pump
  • Maximum pump output pressure: 51,700kPa (7,500psi)
  • Maximum gun output pressure: 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
  • Compatible with 20kg (or similar size) pails
  • 4m x 6mm ID delivery hose
  • Output 460g/min (at pump)
  • Grease viscosity up to NLGI No.2
  • Wetted components - Zinc, hard chrome-plated carbon steel, brass, Nitrile and polyurethane rubber
  • Maximum air pressure: 150psi
  • Minimum air pressure: 60psi
  • Air inlet: 1/4" NPT (F)
  • Pump outlet: 1/4" NPT (F)
  • Minimum compressor size: 0.08m³/min (3cfm)
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  • Stub Pump for inclusion in a workshop or mobile bulk oil Systems
  • Suitable for oils up to SAE, 140, automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, gear oil and hydrauloc oils
  • 2 '' (M) bung adaptor Supplied
  • No requirement for air line lubricator
  • Optional telescopic Sunction tube available
  • 1 year warranty
  • 10 year parts availability
High Flow Fuel Dispenser, High Flow Fuel Bowser

Battey Operated Pumps

Description :

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Macnaught BOP20 is a portable and rechargeable, 18volt battery operated oil pump, designed to improve workshop efficiency and reduce fatigue with the flick of a button. Simple but clever, the BOP20 powerhead can be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce set-up costs and the ‘on-demand’ flow nozzle allows full control over oil delivery with flow rates up to 3.5L/min. Single-handedly, it will improve the workflow in your workshop.

  • Sealed wetted parts - zero contamination
  • Separate Powerhead – multiple oils with one Powerhead
  • 18v rechargeable 2.0Ah battery delivers up to 105ltrs
  • Oils up to SAE90 – most under car applications
  • Flow rates up to 3.5L/min
  • Safety lockout carry handle for simple Powerhead transfer
  • On-demand flow control
  • No more pumping by hand alleviating fatigue and other
  • WH&S issues

Technical Specification :
  • Compatible fluids - Lubricating oils
  • Flow control - On demand
  • Drum size - Nominal 20ltr
  • Delivery rate - Up to 3.5L/min
  • Lubricant range - 0W40 - SAE90
  • Priming - Self priming
  • Battery - 2.0Ah Li-Ion
  • Charger - 1hr fast

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High Flow Fuel Dispenser, High Flow Fuel Bowser